Elasticsearch / Big Data Specialist

Location: Bucharest, Bucharest, Romania
Date Posted: 06-11-2018
We're looking for a Search Engine and Big Data Expert who can step in and help us build world class search & browsing experience for our users. This role exists at the intersection of our infrastructure teams maintaining hardware & cloud resources, our internal and front-end systems that generate millions of updates, front-end engineering teams building intuitive interfaces for our customers, and our data science team. 

At Vivre we see our technology as the main ingredient in our effort to build a complex business system to serve millions of clients in our 9 markets (Romania, Bulgaria, Hungary, Croatia, Poland, Slovakia, Czech Republic, Slovenia, Greece and more to come). Our technology facilitates the sourcing of over 1 million product SKU’s from thousands of suppliers/vendors across Europe, the logistics of getting them from supplier to our clients door and everything in between. 
We learn every day from our colleagues, our clients and our suppliers and tackle hard problems in trying to improve user experience in discovering and sorting our products, logistics operations, customer interactions, warehouse fulfillment processes, reporting and data understanding, marketing efficiency and accounting there is no area of our business that is not touched by the technology we develop.

What you will be working on: 
* Data pipeline systems that can handle millions of data change events, funneling them into document updates on our search indexes;
* Develop and maintain our logging infrastructure with focus on parsing and understanding events; 
* Software to maintain our search infrastructure, with caching, failover capabilities, and a customized deployment process; 
* Working closely with our Data Science team, building Machine Learning and Natural Language Processing tools to augment and enhance Search experience;
* Technologies may include: Elasticsearch, Python, PHP, ReactJS, MySQL (as well as other big data and nosql data stores),RabbitMQ, Varnish, Redis & Memcached. 
What we need from you: 
* 5+ years of software development experience; 
* 3+ years of experience with Elasticsearch or similar text-based search technology;
* Substantial experience in relational database (MySQL or similar) schema design, optimization and architecture;
* Ability to work creatively and problem solve independently;
* Experience with large-scale data processing and design of distributed systems;
* Experience in a hybrid, multi-datacenter infrastructure environment is a plus;
* A continuous drive to explore, enhance, automate and optimize distributed systems. 

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